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Ben and Dexter review the absurdity in children's television programming, and how mischaracterizations in early childhood media serve to confuse young minds as they learn about society around them.Email: Facebook:



Televisionary is the podcast about the shows that shaped us. In each episode, Cody and Alayna talk about a TV show that changed the game, whether through its societal implications, its cultural influence, or its effects on the medium of television. Whether you’ve seen these shows or not, don’t worry--Televisionary has you covered with everything you need to know about TV’s most influential shows!
"The" bass fishing talk show, the Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television Podcast is right here! Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television is a weekly live event, broadcasting Wednesdays at 7 pm central via our YouTube channel of the same name, Facebook Live, or via Our host Pat Renwick, and producer Andy Ellenberger bring in bass fishing pros, from the freshest pro anglers to industry legends, for weekly chats, offering bass angling insights, tips, and the latest dish in the ...
Every week, hosts Allen and Magellan watch and review two episodes of a cult classic TV show with a focus on comedy and criticism. Shows Covered: Farscape (ScapeChatz) Freaks and Geeks (FreaksChatz) Avatar: The Last Airbender (The Last ChatzBender) The Newsroom (The ChatzRoom) Pushing Daisies (DaisyChatz) Babylon 5 (Chatzylon 5) Pride and Prejudice 1995 (Chatz and Prejudice) Roots (RootsChatz) John Adams (Chatz Adams) Better Off Ted (Better Off Chatz) SunsetChatz (Studio 60 on the Sunset Str ...
Ray’s Rants looking back to the 1960s 1970s and 1950s in the UK Great Britain. The British music scene, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. The pubs and clubs, Watney’s Red Barrel beer, Babycham, Cherry B the night life. The cars, the workplace, television and pirate radio. Kids and schools back in the early days. 60s fashion and clothes, flairs and miniskirts. London, Caroline, Luxembourg.
Welcome to the Party Pal is the mind-bending film and television podcast you didn’t know you needed. Hosted by Mitch Lucas (filmmaker) and Michael Shields (writer/editor), WTTPP is a celebration of the art of cinema and filmmaking, where movies and television shows are meticulously dissected and analyzed to evaluate their grandeur (or, conversely when necessary, lament their shortcomings). Guests will include the filmmakers and industry insiders that craft the works of art that inhabit the c ...
21st Century Television

21st Century Television

21st Century Television

21st Century Television is a newsmagazine style and provides education about the latest topics, trends and issues in a variety of industries. 21st Century Television features On-Location field footage illustrating business strategies and technology in their application along with commentary from leading corporate executives and industry experts.
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Según Luisa María Alcalde, ministra del Trabajo de México, a partir del 1 de enero de 2023, el salario mínimo diario pasará de 9 a 10,82 dólares, comunicaron las autoridades durante la conferencia de prensa diaria del gobierno mexicano.द्वारा FRANCE 24 Español
DOLLY PARTON’S MOUNTAIN MAGIC CHRISTMAS — Pictured: Dolly Parton — (Photo by: Katherine Bomboy/NBC) With her recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Dolly Parton has once again proven there are few people on this planet as cool as Dolly Parton. Given an opportunity to do so, Parton has created a brand-new Christmas special, Dolly Parton…
While there is no new podcast this week we have a lot to come in December! One of these shows is our yearly wind down special and we need your votes! Be sure to let us know what your favorite movies, TV shows and pop culture moments were from the past year with this survey. The results will be revealed in our final podcast of 2022! Looking for a ho…
This is the November 30, 2022 episode of Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television. Tonight, we are joined by Team Omnia Fishing Patrick Walters, Bob Downey, Pete Przepiora and Jacob Bros, with special Guests Bass fishing Historians Ken Duke and Terry Battisti #bassnation #ProperBassinMan #bassfishingद्वारा Stray Casts Outdoor Cartoon Television
It's the first of December tomorrow! Good grief, where has this year gone? In this episode, I mention an interesting statistic about cars. Join me for a quick chat.द्वारा Ray’s Rants UK
State lawmakers getting down to business. What's on the agenda and how will it impact Hoosiers? Plus...Hoosier bedside nurses getting an assist from their colleagues in the virtual world. How it could be a remedy to cure the nursing shortage. And...Indiana's fast-growing footprint in the e-commerce space. What it means for consumers, workers, and b…
Kevin Cassidy, Director and Representative to the Bretton Woods and Multilateral Organizations of the UN’s International Labour Office for the US in Washington, DC., discusses the role of the ILO, which was created in 1919, in developing international standards, rights at work, employment and income opportunities, social protection, social dialogue…
Capheus Onyango is a classic "fictional character I wish was real", Lito and Nomi share an incredibly beautiful tender moment, and the ChatzKidz are frankly eating it right up. Next week, we're finishing Season One of Sense8! Check out for all things Chatzpod! Twitter Reddit Twitch Chatzums Email: Our main podcast fe…
A new MP3 sermon from Let The Bible Speak is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: LTBS TV Program 212 Subtitle: LTBS TV Broadcast Speaker: Rev. Timothy Ormerod Broadcaster: Let The Bible Speak Event: TV Broadcast Date: 11/30/2022 Bible: 2 Samuel 6:1-9 Length: 28 min.द्वारा Rev. Timothy Ormerod
On this episode Matt and Jon discuss Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, then remember Kevin Conroy (1955-2022), resume reviewing Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Chainsaw Man, Atlanta, Jon straps on the Blades of Chaos for God of War: Ragnarok and both of them recount the disappointments of the year with their top 5 Turkeys of 2022. Twitter (For Now): ht…
This month Andy and Martin review the 1989 adaptation of Oswald Wynd's novel The Ginger Tree, a 4-million pound co-production with NHK Tokyo and WGBH Boston. Starring Samantha Bond and Daisuke Ryu, this 4-part series tells the tale of Mary Mackenzie's experiences in Manchuria and Japan in the first half of the 20th Century, first as an unhappy wife…
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