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Non natives face a big hurdle to learn a foreign language. Here's the practice of spoken English with small kids with imitation techniques. We are trying to give practice of speaking English to our students in a practical way. They learn how to speak about a friend.
This is very sensitive matter to choose goal because people are confused about choosing the goal. What should be the priority while choosing the goal. In addition to this what is success? Is achieving your Goal a success. I say 'no'. Why listen in my podcast. Thanks
This podcast is for all those who want to take IELTS Exam. It is not so easy for everyone to take this exam without the help of some expert in this field. So we decided to go ahead for helping all those aspirants who are looking for a better experienced person in this field. We have started this series to get a chance to help them as much as we can…
कोई भी बिज़नस या सर्विस जिदें ओई कुछ खास गल्लां ध्यान रखने योग्य चर्चा।
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