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Rev. 19:6-10 | Heaven itself is imaged/put on display as a great feast, a wedding feast even. But, we're not just there as *participants*, the people of God are there as *Bride*. How does seeing this about our future shape the way we live now?द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Rev. 14:6-13 | John "presses into" his readers by encouraging them, no matter what they are facing – threats from without or boredom from within – to persevere. He does this by warning of Judgment and promising Blessing.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Rev 6 & 8:1-5 | The slain Lamb on the Throne begins to open the scroll. The seven seals which He breaks set into action God's redemptive plan for His people. These texts show us that God is utterly sovereign in His rule. And, even through suffering and (apparent) chaos, God is governing all thing for the good of His beloved people and the judgment …
Rev. 5 | At the center of the Throne, we are show a Lion who is a slain Lamb. John is showing us that Jesus and His work stands at the center of reality itself. This gives our lives profound meaning (as well as all of history), but it also shows us the way that following him will be like.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Rev. 4:1-11 | John's next vision takes us to the heart of Reality itself. At the center, we find an occupied Throne. The Throne reminds us that God is in control of all things and this is meant to bring all of creation to its knees in worship.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Rev. 2:1-7 | Jesus addresses, through John, a church that has much going for it! Right teaching, moral living, and confronting false teachers. In all of this, however, they had lost something critical: Their love for Jesus. Listen in as we learn how Christ confronts this situation and the good news offered, not only to the church at Ephesus, but fo…
1Cor 6:12-7:5 | In an over-sexualize culture, how does the Bible speak on the topic of Sex? Listen in to how we learn to "Follow Jesus with our bodies." **If you would like to learn more about the ministry of RUF at TCU, including ways to support it, please click here.**द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Eph 5:21-33 | The Christian vision/picture of marriage is one that points to a greater reality — Christ's love for the Church. Learn, here, where we get the power for marriage and how it shapes us as well. **If you would like to learn more about the ministry of RUF at TCU, including ways to support it, please click here.**…
1Cor. 7:1, 6-9, 25-28, 32-35 | Paul highlight singleness as a fully human expression of being human. Our singleness is not a less-than-ideal way of being human in God's world. Rather, being a gift, we are to continue to love God and love others even if we are not married.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Proverbs 18:24, 27:6, 9, 17; John 15:12-16 | Good friendships are necessary to live well and wisely in this world. In order to make, keep, and be good friends, we'll need to see how we have a Friend "who sticks closer than a brother."द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Matt. 18:21-35 | Here in this parable, Jesus teaches us that those who follow Him must have their lives characterized by forgiveness. Not only TO us, but THROUGH us. This, in turn, gives us profound resources to bring healing to our relationships.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Genesis 1:26-28, 31; 2:18-25; John 17:3 | From the beginning, the we were made for relationships. We bear the image of a communal God who has made us and therefore we too were made for relationships!द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Prov 14:25; 15:1, 18; 16:32; 19:11, 19; 22:24; 25:21-22; 29:9, 22 | Is there a more disintegrating (to our relationship, ourselves, and the way we see the world) emotion than anger? While created as emotional persons, the Proverbs tells us that we'll never become wise unless we learn to understand and get a handle on our anger.…
Proverbs 3:35, 4:8, 15:33, 21:21, 22:4, 25:27, 27:2, 29:23 | Vainglory. Not a word we use much these days. Yet, the reality (the empty praise of others) is something very much present in our lives. What is vainglory and what do the Proverbs tells us about its dangers and healing? Listen here for more.…
Proverbs 3:31, 14:30, 19:23, 23:17, 24:1, 27:4, 27:20 | Most of us downplay the vice of Envy in our lives. But Proverbs holds it out as something terribly destructive to us and our relationships. Even still, it is not beyond being healed by the Gospel.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Proverbs 10:11, 18, 19; 12:17-18; 13:3; 15:1, 23; 18:2, 21; 24:26; 27:19; 29:11 | Nearly 13% of all the Proverbs deal with our words. In other 'words' (sorry), the Proverbs talk a lot about talking. Listen here to what our words are for and practical ways to use them in light of the gospel.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
(NOTE: Poor audio quality halfway through) Proverbs 5:21; 15:22; 16:1,3,9,25,33; 19:21; 20:24; 21:2; 21:30 | Proverbs seeks to give us an understanding about how our choices and God's plan co-exist at the same time.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Proverbs 3:34; 11:2; 13:10; 15:25; 16:18-19; 18:12, 21:4; 22:4; 29:23; 30:13 | Here, we take a look at what author Dorothy Sayers calls "the sin of trying to be...God." What is pride and how do we find healing for our pride before Jesus?द्वारा Ryan Anderson
Prov 3:5; 4:20-23; 12:20, 25; 15:13-14; 15:30; 16:1; 17:3; 20:9 | The book of Proverbs understands human beings in a unique way. It says that our hearts shape our entire lives. And even though they direct the "springs of life", the heart, too, is directed. We are most wise when we understand our hearts.…
Pv. 1:1-7, 22-23, 32-33; 4:7 | In this introductory sermon, we see that the book of Proverbs puts on offer something we desperately need. It seeks to give us wisdom that we might become wise, from Him who is the Wisdom of God.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
1 Pt. 4:1-11 | One of the staggering implications of the Good News is that it is oriented toward the future, yet lived out in the present. For Christians, their Future is meant to come crashing into the present...for the good of the world.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
1 Pt. 3:1-7 | One of the ways that Peter envisions the good news of Christ 'spilling over into the world' will be through marriages that are attractive. In other words, marriages themselves are missional and Peter encourages his readers to think, and live them out, as such.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
1 Pt. 1:1-12 | Peter opens his letter by reminding us who we are and the staggering news of what has happened to us. By calling us "Exiles," Peter is reminding us that our true home in not here (yet!), and that we have a better country coming.द्वारा Ryan Anderson
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