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Take a trip with me on board the Osyron we'll travel to Epsilon in a far away galaxy then head back to Kamelot for our Redemption before reaching Narnia. Challenges ahead as we travel through Turrigenous rock and make our way to Stomb to check out The Resonance Project. Plus some of the new music first heard last week to round out the show.…
This week's show features new music from Arcana Collective, Ascension, Conner Patrick Rogers, Fairytale, Hog Meets Frog, Hyno5e, Koronus, Manigance, Molitoth and singles from Ironside, Jupiter Hollow, Aqvilea, Keith McCoy and Monumental.द्वारा Greg Stafford
This week we dive into Dusk, Excalion, Hollentor, Great Wide Nothing, Shroud Of Bereavement, Zebeck, Cryptic Confinement, Rain, and singles from Red Cain, Ropemaker, Ascension, Dead End Finland, Fairytale, Hot Meets Frog, Manigance, Despite The Reverence and Medevil.द्वारा Greg Stafford
This week we have new music from Zebeck, Armiferum, Heleven, Haken, Storeborn, Queen Golem, Nergard, Xeno, Stormbreaker, Sarah Halter, Nothing Sacred, Norwald, Matt Miller, Leprous, Lampr3a, Anasazi, Mute Prophet, Docker's Guild, Evermore and Epica.द्वारा Greg Stafford
This week's show features new music from Aviram Tzur, Lattermath, Ropemaker, Avaland, Alase, The Enigma Division, Moonscape, Corvius, Periphery, Wedingoth, Arcana Collective, The Fear Of Being Forgotten, Fallen Keys, Katatonia, Sum Of Seven, Univertigo, Ciconia, Hollow Hour, Red Cain, Norwald and Anasazi.…
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