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All Hands on Tech, hosted by Ashley and Jena, brings together Nova Scotia’s tech community to uncover the secrets of what makes our province the best place for collaboration, innovation, and growth. Each episode hear from local digital experts as we dive into all of the amazing things happening in Nova Scotia’s fastest-growing sector and learn why so many organizations and individuals are calling Canada’s Ocean Playground home. All Hands on Tech is proudly produced by Digital Nova Scotia (DN ...
Canada’s worst shooting spree in modern history has left us with far more questions than answers. Journey inside every single hour of this tragedy as it happened with Global News Halifax reporter Sarah Ritchie. This 13-part true crime series will try to piece together exactly what happened and what could or should have been done to prevent it.
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The Trudeau government singled out clean energy for special attention in the federal budget. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland committed to spend $80-billion over the next decade on clean initiatives. We hear from Rachel Doran with Clean Energy Canada.
Yesterday at Cape Breton Regional Council, the idea was floated around to provide scholarships to potential doctors at the CBU Medical School. The Deputy Mayor and some Councilors responded to this idea.
Mutaz Ayyash Joins Us To Discuss His Experience As A Deaf Soccer Referee, Immigrating To Canada, and Teaching ASL At NSCC! For more episodes, as well as the video version of the podcast: For more information about TEAM Work Cooperative visit:…
Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry, and it can seem challenging to keep up. But for Blue Cow Marketing, the key is to streamline and automate your marketing efforts, because doing so will give you your most valuable commodity back: time. In this episode of All Hands on Tech, we dive into the world of marketing automation to learn more about…
Dr. John C Wickwire Academy staff and students are speaking out after their school wigwam was vandalized last weekend. Hear our conversation with principal Stacy Thorburn and Todd Labrador, a Mi’kmaw knowledge keeper who helped the school build the structure several years ago.
Some TikTok influencers are sending their followers out in droves to purchase every form of magnesium supplement you can think of claiming the mineral can cure insomnia, constipation, anxiety and more. Our nutritional columnist Jennifer Brady debunks some of those claims.
New national standards for long-term care were unveiled a few weeks ago, mostly in response to concerns about the impact that COVID-19 had on residents of nursing homes. In this week's column, Mary Jane Hampton looks at the takeaways.
allNovaScotia political reporter Brian Flinn looks at the Houston government's unprecedented, under-the-radar spending in recent months and why the government's use of the appropriations process has people raising questions about accountability.
Port Hawkesbury Paper is putting a lot of energy into getting its wind farm up and running. We get an update that the project has received environmental approval, from Project Director Mark Savory.
Sustainable Marine is one of a half dozen companies trying to generate electricity out of the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. Now the company is pulling out of the race, saying they've wasted too many years trying to comply with unclear and inconsistent DFO regulations.
Friends and family of are saying their final farewells. Const. Jordan was one of two police officers killed on the job when responding to a family dispute in west Edmonton. CBC's Erin MacInnis speaks with his friend Paul Cyr from Annapolis Valley.
It's World Theatre Day! Tara Lynn Taylor tees up the Merritt Awards, Theatre Nova Scotia's celebration of outstanding theatrical talent. Plus, Zuppa Theatre's first online game and the Atlantic Canadian premier of Take D Milk, Nah?
NDP leader Claudia Chender and Kristina Fifield with the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre talk about 'Can't Buy My Silence' – a community conversation about nondisclosure agreements happening at the Halifax Central Library. Plus, why there's a petition to stop NDAs.
Local authors Rebecca Rose and Lezlie Lowe are inviting people in Halifax to take a walk with them. Together, they'll lead a walking tour this Sunday of important landmarks in their books about LGBTQ liberation and female volunteers. Lowe spoke with Information Morning's Feleshia Chandler about the tour.…
There's frustration growing among some people living on the South Shore around development encroaching upon beloved beaches and coastal areas. A group of citizens are getting together to talk about options to protect one of those spots, Crescent Beach near West Dublin.
Finance Minister Allan MacMaster has announced a $14.4 billion budget that includes $6.5 billion in health spending, but doesn't include an increase to income assistance. He joins us to talk about the budget.
As the Ummah Masjid in Wolfville marks its one-year anniversary this month, it's welcoming Muslims from across the valley for Ramadan. Volunteer Ahmed Nassrat tells about the mosque's inaugural year and a special gift somebody left on their doorstep.
Hundreds of books used to line the walls of professor Jayne Wark's office at NSCAD University. Over the past week or so, dozens of people have helped empty the shelves, as part of Wark's retirement book giveaway. Information Morning's Feleshia Chandler brings us this story.
The federal government is extending the application deadline for the CUAET program, which has helped Ukrainians fleeing the war to settle here in Canada. We check in with Lyubov Zhyznomirska, the Nova Scotia president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.
A Grade 6 student at Chester Area Middle School spent weeks poring over her Canadian heritage presentation. Unbeknownst to her parents and teachers, she was researching the life and times of movie star Ryan Reynolds for her school project.
Six men died when the Chief William Saulis sank in a gale in December 2020. Now the Transportation Safety Board has issued its report on the sinking of the vessel. Hear from Michelle Nickerson, whose husband was one of the crew members lost at sea.
Ongoing research by the Canadian Centre for Vaccinology is exposing what happens to the human immune system during a whooping cough infection. Meet one of the scientists studying this topic and a trial participant living in isolation at the IWK's Challenge Unit after being infected with the disease.
With intense storms becoming more frequent, residents near three Cape Breton rivers are sounding the alarm over flooding and changes to those rivers. We talk to the manager of the Adopt A Stream program to get a sense of how the situation can be managed.
Residents living near three major Cape Breton rivers are worried about the effects of climate change. Specifically Middle River, Baddeck River, and the Margaree. We ask Nova Scotia's Minister of Environment if the issue is on his radar.
A longboard club called the Trim Collective is bringing women who surf in this province together to talk about surfing, improve their skills and share their knowledge. Its founders say they could only cover so much while freezing in the parking lot with half a wetsuit on after a winter wave-shredding session!…
Halifax's Mayflower Curling Club is decked out in rainbow colours! 2SLGBTQ curling teams have travelled from across Canada to compete in the Bluenose Bonspiel and the Canadian Pride Curling Championships. Lennie Comeau is co-chair of the local curling league that's hosting both events.
An additional COVID-19 vaccine booster is now available for Nova Scotia's most vulnerable populations. Dr. Shelley Deeks, the province's deputy chief medical officer of health, tell us what people need to know about the next round of boosters.
Three people were injured in a violent incident at Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford. Portia asks Nova Scotia's Minister of Education Becky Druhan what happened, how safety protocols were followed, and whether violence against educators is on the rise in this province.
Municipal officials from Colchester County recently completed some important work overseas. They were in Jordan, representing the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, as part of a six-year project to improve their solid waste management. Christine Blair, the mayor of Colchester County, was there.
Healthcare has experienced a lot of changes during the pandemic, but it's not clear how many of them will stick. In this week's column, Mary Jane Hampton tells us how health officials will measure the effectiveness of the innovations they have introduced.
Maritime Forces Atlantic is hosting a panel discussion in honour of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on what's being done right now to fight discrimination in the military. Hear from panel organizer Second Lieutenant Jerome Downey.
Green Robot Studios in Sydney has created Virtual Reality content for you to enjoy in Baddeck, Louisbourg and Membertou. After that, Brittany Wentzell takes a trip to Sydney's north end to become a space pirate to fight off droids.
Find out more about Halifax Regional Municipality's call for applications for the first-ever youth poet laureate. It's an opportunity for a writer between the ages of 12 and 20 to work directly with the municipality's current adult poet laureate, Sue Goyette.
For World Poetry Day (March 21), we're sharing a poem from Damini Awoyiga. She was part of the CBC Creator Network's We Create: Artist Studio at the National Black Canadians Summit in July. This poem was inspired by her interactions with delegates.
In this week's culture column, the big reveal on what Halifax magician Vincenzo Ravina has up his sleeve. Plus, Tara Lynn Taylor tells about a new outdoor theatre program in Dartmouth and how The Astor in Liverpool is celebrating World Theatre Day!
With the province's two per cent rent cap set to expire in December 2023, many people are wondering and worrying about what will happen to rental prices – especially in such a tight housing market. Some want the rent cap extended again. But the group that represents landlords says that would be a mistake.…
As winter sports begin to wrap up for the season, a Halifax couple is looking forward to an annual reprieve from their noisy neighbour. Nancy Shea and her husband Richard live next door to the Halifax Curling Club, they're currently in the process of suing the club over constant noise and other emissions. The CBC's Erin MacInnis brings us the story…
We reach Monica Johnny in the United Kingdom, where she just judged an international flyball tournament at Crufts. Crufts is one of the most prestigious dog shows in the world. Hear how Monica ended up there, all the way from Oyster Pond!
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