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Hi Do You Know Stand-up Comedian We have a new Form of Comedy it's SitDown Comedy लड़के हैं गलती कर देते है? उन्होंने क्यों कहा बेटी पटाओ? किसका मालिक राम?
In 5 states Election Will held in Feb and March. There are many updates in hourly basis ... Nothing is clear Who us Where ... Listen This and Tell what do You Think ... Share with Your Friends and Help Us to Make more analysis.Analysis By Ashutosh Pandey Voice Ashutosh Pandey Sound & Editing By Sushma Pandey Produced By National News Cause…
Assembly elections are to be held in five states in 2022 but this time the issues are outside the country, the real fight is between Jinnah and Sikandar. What do you thnk about this pl comment. Help us to improve our quality pl share and like podcast. #election2022 #jinnah #sikander
ये सब क्यों हुआ ?? कैसे हम झुनझुने पर नाचते हैं
इस पॉडकास्ट में चर्चा है अमेरिका की और डोनाल्ड के साथ उनके अंधभक्त समर्थकों की आप भी इसका हिस्सा बनिये.
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