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We have in Jonny Litecoin (@jonnylitecoin) to discuss various mobile wallets, custodial, non-custodial, exchange wallets, why would you choose one over the other, etc. This episode was pulled from our Twitter Spaces that we record live each Wednesday night at 9pm EST, please feel free to join the conversation!…
This week we had Justin from Cake Wallet in, continuing on these same themes each week; using Litecoin, self-custody, privacy, and building bonds between multiple crypto communities. We primary discuss the importance of privacy, Monero, DeFi and Thorchain, and touch on stablecoins as well.
At the tail end of the weekly spaces, we got an update about the situation in Australia with our regular guest Tux and ended up with a very interesting discussion about the importance of privacy and self-custody. Drinks were had... we are bonding the Litecoin and Monero communities.
This was one of the most unusual discussions we've had to date; NFTs, Metaverse, Digital Strippers, Education, Free markets, etc etc etc. Had to start out venting a little bit about Michael Saylor and some of the division I see in crypto, but got it out of my system. From there, we had some good discussion with @MissTeenCrypto, @SatoshiSouth, @Coty…
A live recording of our interview and Q&A with David Burkett, the Litecoin developer responsible for the implementation for MimbleWimble onto LItecoin. We go through some basic understanding of how transactions work today and how they will look different once MimbleWimble is live.
In this episode, I'm joined by Adam Koltun, Lead Business Strategist at Quantum Resistant Ledger, a blockchain designed specifically to be secure against quantum computing attacks.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
In this episode, I'm joined by Frank Banks, Founder & CEO of ZEN, a decentralized video network company with a marketplace for influencers.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
In this episode, I'm joined by Fran Villalba Segarra, Founder & CEO of Internxt, a distributed cloud infrastructure company.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
Chris Garner, CMO of Oyster Protocol, joins us to discuss Oyster Protocol — a new way for online publishers to monetize their websites as well as internet users to earn money through disabling ads (getting paid to block ads!), all the while providing a new, secure distributed storage solution.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
Tom Beno, CEO of Tech Bureau, joins me to discuss how blockchain can benefit businesses.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
We have a new co-host! In this episode, I introduce Kody and he gives some background about how he got into crypto.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
Dan Gailey, CEO of, joins me for this episode to share a bit about how Synapse is building a decentralized AI.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
Today's headline: Binances launches a $10M Bounty Fund, and they are offering a very hefty reward for information about last week's attack.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
Today's headline: The SEC is trying to reach in and regulate crypto again, saying crypto exchanges must be registered with the SEC.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
In this episode, I continue discussing crypto wallets. I go into detail on what paper wallets are and when it may be appropriate to use them.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
In this episode, the discussion on crypto wallets continues. I talk about what hardware wallets are and some of the popular options currently available.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
This episode is a continuation of crypto wallets — specifically, I cover what a software wallet is, the different types of software wallets, and the security vs. convenience tradeoffs are software wallets.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
This episode is a continuation of our wallet discussion we began in the last episode. Today I cover what hot and cold storage is, and the security vs convenience of both.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
This episode covers a beginner-level overview of public and private key cryptography and what it means for cryptocurrency.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
If you've been around the cryptocurrency space for even a short time, you've undoubtedly heard the term "whitepaper" mentioned somewhere...but what exactly is a whitepaper?द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
In this episode, I'm joined by Ali Ayyash, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer of Bee Token, a decentralized version of Airbnb. We discuss dApps, smart contracts, and of course, the Bee Token platform.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
In this episode, I discuss some of the differences between coins and tokens. I also share a little bit about what an ICO is.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
It's the first-ever HODL Daily interview! In this episode, I chatted with Lawrence Richardson, President and Co-Founder of ZeroSum, a fantasy forex and cryptocurrency trading platform.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
In this episode, I answer a Twitter question from listener Keith Kasprzyk about what "bull" and "bear" mean when people are talking about charts.द्वारा (J.C. Hiatt)
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