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Jessie Ware hosts a podcast about food, family and the beautiful art of having a chat, direct from her very own dinner table. With a little bit of help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, each week guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed. Produced by Alice Williams
Durante cuatro horas Jessie ofrece un programa con colaboradores de primer nivel, además de tocar temas de entretenimiento, noticias, sexualidad, desarrollo humano, tecnología y humor. La misión que tiene Jessie Cervantes es que los radioescuchas inicien su jornada con optimismo, con charlas interesantes haciendo que sus trayectos sean mucho más alegre y divertidos.
Jessie interviews authors & influencers on topics ranging from healthy friendships & baking to spying on terrorists & racism. This radio show turned podcast features conversations with writers, podcasters, poets, journalists, and other influencers who are shaping our culture. Join us in the studio, and jump into the discussion!
我是Jessie。今年27歲,喜歡閱讀,閱讀開闊了我學習的視野。我喜歡探究事情的本質,思考與學習。 我在上英文課時會跟孩子們分享課外的內容,因為我不希望孩子們的學習只拘泥于課本上的知識。 我開了各個平台是因為我想讓孩子們知意識到語言學習是可以充滿樂趣的。 一個語言會有現在的樣子是透過了幾千年文化的累積,當我們看到他的本質,學習將變得不再枯燥。 Jessie老師會不定期分享英文諺語故事與,片語和流行用語。 喜歡聽故事的你或是在準備考試的你,老師都希望我的節目可以對你有所幫助。 老師沒有很好的錄音設備,所以有些雜訊。希望各位學子們多多包涵。 Powered by Firstory Hosting
The four series follow Grace Harlowe and her friends through high school, college, abroad during World War I, and on adventures around America. The College Girls Series sees the friends part ways: Grace, Anne, and Miriam depart for Overton College, while Jessica and Nora attend a conservatory. The Eight Originals gather on holidays, but the seven College books focus on the three at Overton, along with new friends like J. Elfreda Briggs. They form Semper Fidelis, a society devoted to aiding l ...
Jessie AimzForIt

Jessie AimzForIt

Jessie AimzForIt

Welcome to my playground! Say a prayer, clutch your pearls, have a seat, grab a glass of wine, find your center, Basically do what you need to do, in order to get ready for this podcast! 🤭🤫 👉🏾Instagram- @jessieaimzbrownie 🌸 @jessieaimzforit YouTube🎥 “JessieAimz ForIt baby” Support this podcast:
Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles have regrets: hilarious, upsetting, sad, shocking, scary, stupid regrets. And now, in the interest of healing, Tracy and Jessie are ready to spill the beans. Alongside their regret-filled friends, the duo laughs, cries, yells, and perseveres through the unforgiving streets of Regretsville. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.
The four series follow Grace Harlowe and her friends through high school, college, abroad during World War I, and on adventures around America. In The High School Girls Series, Grace attends Oakdale High School with friends Anne Pierson, Nora O'Malley, and Jessica Bright. The four promote fair play and virtue while winning over troubled girls like Miriam Nesbit and Eleanor Savell, playing basketball, and founding sorority Phi Sigma Tau. The group becomes friends with boys in their acquaintan ...
Some people have a house that is dragging them down. It’s like an ANCHOR around their neck. If this describes you or someone you know – we understand and have been in that very position. But, we have a plan to help you start a new chapter in your life. All it takes is one short conversation. We are TRUTH TELLERS and TRUTH SEEKERS! And it’s o.k. to tell us no! Call us today and stop living in worry and stress and start living the life you have been thinking about. To find out more, visit - ww ...
Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' is a stimulating show which explores and uncovers ways to live your life with true purpose, joy and passion. As a Life Coach and Creative Visionary, Jessie May shares her experience and guidance with you in a playful, energetic hour filled with inspiring themes, insightful ideas, and unique guests, and welcomes you to call in with your questions. Tune in to Jessie May's bright energy and light up your week with the Sunny Side Up!!!Past guests have included Byron ...
Set after the Grace Harlowe High School series, Grace and her friends Miriam and Anne start a new chapter of their lives as Freshmen at Overton College. After various trials and tribulations they earn the respect of the elder classes and become valued members of the school. (Introduction by BumbleVee)
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entrevista y musical con la Sonora Dinamita de Lucho Argaín / ¿Por qué te cuesta tanto trabajo entrar en una relación amorosa? / Detalles y alineación de México para duelo contra Jamaica / Paquita la del Barrio tiene molestias de salud y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
Sarah Tse talks about the 7 years of struggle she went through as an entrepreneur which she shares in her book, 7 Years on the Frontline. Working through the challenges of law suits and IRS audits helped her grow both personally and professionally. Learn more about Sarah on her website here:…
I wasn't happy with my intro so Donnie had a go and I think he did very well. I think we've sorted the audio trouble we had previously. If we haven't please tell my hot-shot producer Alfie to get his act together. Today I speak about co-sleeping. I hope you enjoy.द्वारा Jessie Cave
Jessie and Bebe discuss the themes of social anxiety and regret. They also discuss : - taking big sips -complimenting men -'casual' instagram - being kind to your past self -fashion mistakesद्वारा cavesisters
Nature is healing and as such can be viewed as a form of medicine. Nature and mindfulness are synergistic. So many of us lack exposure to nature in our lives. Disconnection from nature has become the norm. Almost all our children also enjoy much less time in nature than we did as children. Lack of time spent in nature has a negative impact on all o…
What a belter of a guest for our series finale! The wonderful, charming and funny Rob Brydon came to see us midway through his huge UK tour; he popped over to mum’s for some spatchcock chicken, pecan pie (we recorded this episode on thanksgiving), a right old gossip and sing song. We spoke about Rob growing up in Wales, eating his grandma’s custard…
Revive la entrevista y musical con Banda El Recodo en Jessie en Exa / Las mejores apps fitness / detalles sobre los juegos Olímpicos de Invierno, Beijing 2022 / Alfredo Adame causa controversia al involucrarse en plena vía pública y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
Disfruta la entrevista exclusiva con Christina Aguilera para Jessie en Exa / El sexting, como arma y aliado / Quedan definidas las finales de conferencia en la NFL / Las cosas que influyen en el rendimiento del cerebro y no nos damos cuenta y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
Jessie老师英语美文朗读,一遍慢速,适合模仿,一遍快速,适合练听力!纯正美音,适合模仿学习。 关注:YOU英语(English_for_U),提供节目英文学习内容。每天跟Jessie老师学习英语,一起进步!द्वारा Jessie老师亲子英语
Disfruta la entrevista y acústico con Allison para Jessie en Exa / Sitios para descargar plantillas de Power Point / Partido de México vs Jamaica se llevará a cabo a puerta cerrada / Xavier López Chabelo sufre accidente y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
Entrevista y acústico con Fran para Jessie en Exa / ¿Los perros pueden contraer Covid? / Tips para entrenar a tu perro / Los próximos duelos de la Selección de México y las sanciones ante el grito homofóbico y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
Maintaining your creative or work life during pregnancy, or during motherhod for that matter. And also the story of my 3rd birth. A big end to the trilogy. Please leave a review if you have enjoyed these first three podcasts. Please don't if you haven't!द्वारा Jessie Cave
Jessie and Bebe discuss the latest Paul Thomas Anderson film 'Licorice Pizza', the HBO series 'Scenes from a Marriage', and long-term celebrity couples.द्वारा cavesisters
Mindfulness helps to ease life transitions, especially menopause. Allowing and accepting, honoring, and feeling through your experience of menopause is a healthy way to traverse this inevitable stage of life. Today we share another mindful guest conversation - with Dr. Keira Bar, a dual board-certified dermatologist and menopause specialist. Maybe …
Revive la entrevista y acústico con Los Caligaris en la cabina de Jessie en Exa / Cancelan de nuevo visado de Djokovic / Todo sobre la jornada 2 de la Liga MX / Plantean reagendar espectáculos en México, ante incremento de contagios por COVID-19.द्वारा Mvs Radio
Revive la entrevista especial con Carlos Rivera / Cómo dormir bien y rendir durante el día / Sigue el escándalo de Novak Djokonic por ocultar contagio de Covid / Grupo Firme, Ed Maverick y más sorpresas del cartel de Coachella 2022 y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
Revive la entrevista y acústico con Beto Cuevas para Jessie en Exa / La fiesta que le preparó Belinda a Christian Nodal por su cumpleaños / Disney le dirá adiós a sus canales de TV / La red de túneles de Tesla en Las Vegas y más..द्वारा Mvs Radio
Brian Bender was a 90s kid, so he experienced the origin of the boy band craze firsthand while watching N SYNC, Backstreet Boys, and New Kids on the Block live shows. As a member of Boy Band Review, Brian gets to relive those days with his band members and audiences. Listen as he shares how the band got started any why he calls himself the "Dad" of…
Entrevista especial con Danna Paola para Jessie en Exa / ¿Qué medidas tomarán los eventos en vivo para prevenir contagios por la variante Ómicron? / Los propósitos para ofrecerle una mejor calidad de vida a tus mascotas y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
We're back! In this episode we discuss our new year's reflections, honesty online, and travelling. Music: Going Crazy Now by Magda Archer and the Cola Cubesद्वारा cavesisters
Revive la entrevista con Julión Álvarez para Jessie en Exa / ¿Por qué nos cuesta trabajo consolar? / Los propósitos sexuales del año / Todo sobre el pase dramático de Steelers a ronda de comodines y el cierre de la temporada regular y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
Setting intentions is a mindful practice that provides tremendous growth and has a powerful impact on your life experience. It is much more effective as a New Year tradition than making a resolution. Take a listen to hear about our intentions for 2022 and tips and pitfalls for intention setting. As we share in the episode, there is no exact right w…
El 2022 pinta para ser un buen año para el teatro / Revive la entrevista y musical con Víctimas del Dr Cerebro para Jessie en Exa / Revive la entrevista especial con Fito Páez para Jessie en Exa / El 2022 pinta para ser un buen año para el teatroद्वारा Mvs Radio
Revive la entrevista y acústico con Río Roma para Jessie en Exa / Revive la entrevista especial con Vicentico para Jessie en Exa / El origen del Día de Reyes / Arranca la jornada 1 de la Liga MX con duelo entre San Luis y Pachuca y más...द्वारा Mvs Radio
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