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Jyotish in Hindi

Jyotish in Hindi

Astro Life Sutras

In this series we are going to discuss fundamentals of Astrology in hindi. Divine and occult knowledge of astrology can make you a good human being. This subject is not for knowing future. This subject will help you to know your inner self. This is astrology podcast for the learner of Jyotish. You can learn astrology here. Nitin P.Kashyap is going to share his knowledge through this Jyotish Podcast.
For all the kokborok speaking people, Adventist World Radio (AWR) brings and broadcast a new kokborok program called ”Khatungmani Khorang.” Good news, the truths and the events of the days would be presented in the light of the scripture. The program will also include a talk about health and temperance as well as home and family.
Hey Guys Welcome To The DIGITAL JAYPAL SHOW, Here You Will Get Latest Blogging, SEO And Digital Marketing Tips In Hindi. Jaypal Thakor Is Founder Of "DIGITALJAYPAL.IN" A Small Hindi Blogger . In This Podcast Series Jaypal Will Share Some Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Email List Building, Content Marketing, Website Engagement, Conversion Optimization And Many Many More In Hindi Language.
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We discussed the history of social media and misinformation networks, about Elon Musk and if he is a genius or ruthless evil capitalist, about tech chaos and the future of the jobs market in the era of mass firing and so much more. Prof. Joyojeet Pal is an Associate Professor at the School of Information at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Pr…
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