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framework radio

framework radio

produced and hosted by patrick mcginley

phonography, field-recording, the art of sound-hunting. open your ears and listen. more info at support us at, or 1 hour approx., updated weekly.
On Framework Leadership, Kent Ingle talks to some of the world’s most successful and innovative leaders about where they came from, how they developed their leadership skills, and how they lead their organizations to success. Listeners look forward to discovering how each guest found their driving passion and stays disciplined in a world full of distraction along with the practical ways they find the courage to act on opportunities.
This podcast introduces financial frameworks as an essential tool for making sound financial decisions. The podcast outlines frameworks, provides concepts and tools while asking listeners questions. The emphasis is on learning by doing and includes two problems to be addressed by answering questions, doing some research and thinking about the values that go into financial decision making. This is an interdisciplinary approach to financial decision-making.
Join leader, optimist and change maker Davidson Jules as he sits down with some brilliant, inspiring and wonderful guests on their life stories and changes they are making to this world and people's lives. We talk about educational leadership, personal development and topics that matter for sustainable solution... Our goal is to Motivate, Encourage and Inspire! "If your goals don't influence your calendar, they aren't really your goals". Kent Ingle.
Beyond The Framework

Beyond The Framework

UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program

We get the question "What is public health?".... alot. Join Elaine as she talks to fellow students, individuals in different professions, industries, and stages of life to break out of our traditional frameworks and demystify public health by relating it to our broader society and culture.



Tune in to FrameWork for a discussion of the week’s biggest political issues and examine the framing behind them. Featuring prominent guest bloggers focusing on framing issues, we’ll look at the arguments being used by both Progressives and the Right and explore their strengths and weaknesses. Plus, direct advice on utilizing the most advantageous arguments going into the week ahead. Whether you are a blogger, a lurker, a candidate or a politician, you won’t want to miss this insightful and ...
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regular edition featuring markus mehr, annette krebs, jo montgomerie, mathias guilbaud, sounds from the aporee maps, and a framework introduction recorded in the united states by ben link collins. image: markus mehr, ‘pressure’, gruenrekorder 2022. for a full playlist see…
Podcast 9 looks at current financial market volatility, applies a framework to analyze potential actions and brings Benjamin Graham's Mr. Market to listeners' attention. The podcast is designed to help beginning investors sort out options and reinforce experienced investors awareness of market emotions by presenting Graham's insightful story of Mr.…
framework #800! this second framework:afield edition in our ongoning collaboration with CENSE, the central european network for sonic ecologies, was produced by polina khatsenka and petra kapš and takes water as its theme. for a full playlist seeद्वारा framework
regular edition featuring anne germanique, gintas k, taavi suisalu, christina giannone, pablo sanz, sounds from the aporee maps, and a framework introduction recorded in the uk by lewis ashton. image: taavi suisalu - ‘noisephony of lawn mowers’, staalplaat 2021. for a full playlist see…
the latest installment of her ongoing series, 'these are a few of my favorite things', this edition of framework:afield has been produced in canada by france jobin. for a full playlist seeद्वारा framework
Podcast 8 walks through a detailed cost vs worth framework with attention to the decision makers' values. We use two examples; one involving a career choice and the second regarding an investment. The examples focus on current risks and financial issues and are aimed at individuals new to these types of decisions. Dr. Lehan asks listeners to questi…
In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Jeffrey Paul, Dean of the Jannetides College of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership at Southeastern University. Don’t miss our conversation as we discuss servant leadership and how to achieve excellence in the workplace.
featuring dave phillips, the 'perfection of understanding' compilation, manja ristić, pablo diserens, dorian wood, sounds from the aporee maps, and a framework introduction recorded in northern ireland by barry cullen. image: dave philips - ‘cicada trance’, self-released 2022. for a full playlist see…
Podcast 7 in the Financial Frameworks series provides an applied look at interest rates; including considering what to do in a rising rate environment and how to frame a person's questions and choices. A two part example is used to solve a problem.द्वारा Dr. Michael G. Lehan
We debrief about Sin City Ruby and Aaron asks Andrew questions about the technical, product, and business details of the announcement that Bullet Train is now available as an open-source Rails-based framework with a paid "Pro" tier, while also sharing insights from earlier, similar developments in the Laravel product line.…
This podcast describes the fundamentals of Return on Investment (ROI) and explains why understanding the elements of ROI in a broad and applied way will produce better returns and contribute to more successful decisions. Examples are provided in both personal financial terms and in project terms. A problem to be solved is also provided. This podcas…
In this episode, Kent is joined by Mike McClure, Jr. Mike is an incredible singer, pastor and leader from Birmingham, Alabama. Listen to our conversation as we discuss Spirit-driven outreach, the importance of prioritizing time with family, and the keys to discovering your purpose.
featuring leo okagawa, natasha barrett, matilde meireles, colin frank, sounds from the aporee maps, and a framework introduction recorded in the u.s. by cain blanchard. image: natasha barrett - ‘heterotopia’, persistence of sound 2022. for a full playlist see…
This podcast focuses on one of Dr. Lehan's four core financial problem solving lenses (cash flow, profitability, return on investment and risk measurement) - risk measurement and clarification. Risk is discussed in personal financial terms, organizational and from an investment perspective. One problem is provided for listeners to tackle.…
In this episode, Kent is joined by Rabbi Noam Marans. Noam is the American Jewish Committee’s director of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations. Don’t miss this conversation as we discuss the importance of advocacy and outreach in our communities.
Financial Frameworks Podcast Four outlines four key concepts: cash flow, return on investment risk and profitability. Then reviews how to implement profitability decision making and finally presents some retained earnings questions for listeners to solve.द्वारा Dr. Michael G. Lehan
In this episode, I am joined by Jimmy and Irene Rollins. Jimmy and Irene have been faithfully pastoring and serving in ministry for over two decades. They currently lead the Union Network through their strong influence and incredible testimonies. Don’t miss this powerful conversation about breakthrough and redemption.…
featuring the 'touch' compilation from dragon's eye recordings, richard bentley, leonie roessler, hessel veldman, sounds from the aporee maps, and a framework introduction recorded in the netherlands by willem sannen. image: ‘touch’, dragon's eye recordings 2021. for a full playlist see…
This podcast builds on the financial frameworks and fundamental tools by focusing on the specifics of inflation, managing it and looking at financial issues from a specific perspective.द्वारा Dr. Michael G. Lehan
Nan epizod #27 la, ansanm avèk sikològ Natacha Desir nou pale sou kisa strès la ye, bagay sa yo ki ka lakoz nou strèse ak kouman nou pakap rive jere moman strès yo, pouw rete fokis epi rive atenn objektif nou yo oswa akonpli rezolisyon ke nou te fikse pou ane sa. Epizòd sa se youn pami anpil lòt nap gen pou nou fè sou Estrès epi enpòtans sante mant…
In this episode, I am joined by Don Bramer. Don is a veteran and former intelligence officer who currently serves as chairman of the Bramer Group. Listen to this conversation where we discuss how Don’s experiences and positions on Capitol Hill and in the White House have changed his life.
This episode continues building the framework with Time Value of Money (TVM) concepts, bias awareness, a more complex framework and an inflation problem. Links to excellent TVM examples for reference are posted on my website https://finframeworks.comद्वारा Dr. Michael G. Lehan
special ukrainian edition featuring lucia nimcová + sholto dobie, igor yalivec, the kaleidoscope compilation of experimental music from ukraine, and ukrainian sounds from the aporee maps. image: lucia nimcová + sholto dobie, ‘dilo’, mappa 2021. for a full playlist see…
This podcast introduces financial frameworks as an essential tool in making better financial decisions and becoming more skilled in the process at the same time. The podcast introduces concepts, tools and problems as the emphasis here is on learning by doing. The frameworks and tools are presented to fit listeners' situations rather than asking the…
regular edition featuring stephane marin, scores by salomé voegelin performed by kmru, siavash amini, claire rousay, and arturas bumšteinas, james bailey, moltamole, a.f. jones, capture, kate carr, sounds from the aporee maps by emmanuel faivre, david m, and udo noll, and an intro by keith de mendonca. image: moltamole, ‘sonic journals’, self-rel…
regular edition featuring leena lee + vania fortuna, manja ristić, panos panopoulos + yorgos samantas, tarab, post doom romance, sheriffs of nothingness, sounds from the aporee maps, and an intro by paul dickinson. image: tarab, ‘holes’, sonic rubbish 2021. for a full playlist see…
In this episode, Kent is joined by Jason and Stephanie Caine. Jason is the senior pastor at Bayside Church Blue Oaks in California. Stephanie works as a professor and a licensed mental health practitioner. Don’t miss this conversation about mental health awareness and having positive relationships.
regular edition featuring william sannen, miguel a. garcia, yen-ting hsu and yannick dauby, roxanne turcotte, ana laura malmaceda, mathias guilbaud, and an intro by ben link collins. image: william sannen, ‘33 RPM’, self-released 2022. for a full playlist see…
In this episode, Kent is joined by Brian Kilmeade. Brian is a political commentator and host on Fox News. He is also an author and historian exploring the impact of our founding fathers on today’s society. Don't miss this powerful conversation on the American Dream.
Pou ane 2022 sa kew jwenn pi bon fòmil kap pèmèt ou reyalize pwojè ou a, men sitou antanke lidè pou ou gon pi bon enpak pozitiv nan lavi sila yo wap dirije yo… Lidèship se enfliyans donk veye sou modèl enfliyans wap degaje nan antouraj ou. Pandan tout ane sa, sonje ke konsistans ansanm ak pèsistans se yo ki pral pwodwi chanjman sa kew ta renmen wè …
regular edition featuring monty adkins, soundscape røst, blanket-bog, ben link collins, and sounds from the aporee maps. image: soundsacape røst, ‘spaces and species vol. 1’, gruenrekorder 2021. for a full playlist seeद्वारा framework
In this episode, Kent is joined by Drew Watson, Southeastern University’s Athletic Director. Drew discusses his experiences with leadership, championships, and everything in between. Don’t miss this conversation about competition, self-care and the keys to achieving excellence.
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