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This is the story from January of 2016 of three Americans being put in local jail in Nassau, Bahamas after not claiming over $10,000 in cash on their way out of the country.द्वारा Bart Hanson
06:58 -- What is 5th Street Chicken? 16:52 — Out of Position #1 Set of 3s 28:11 — Out of Position #2 AJ as top and bottom 34:52 — In Position #1 AJ 43:39 — In Position #2 9h 8h flush 53:00 — Check folding A3s as top and bottomद्वारा Bart Hanson
In this sample of the first of a multi part episode series Bart examines how you should properly structure your cbets in single raised pots, with a concentration on Cbet bluffing. He takes a look at HU and multiway scenarios, different board textures and different class holdings.द्वारा Bart Hanson
Bart reviews the controversial incident between Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein from last week on the Hustler Casino Live! broadcast. Bart was the live commentator and called the hand as it happened, live.द्वारा Bart Hanson
Taken from 2018, Bart describes the chaotic situation that occurred on Live at the Bike when a player originally agreed to run the board two times with less than 5% equity then changed his decision to running it one time and won the entire pot.द्वारा Bart Hanson
Bart goes over his performance during the middle of the 2022 WSOP including his entries into the $10k O8 and Monster Stack tournaments and also discusses a hand that demonstrates polarity in small pots.द्वारा Bart Hanson
Bart rants about players that walk away from the table when it's not full in raked games and then discusses what should be your approach to turn double barreling as the preflop raiser in single raised pots vs the BB.द्वारा Bart Hanson
This week Bart goes over a poorly played hand from his brief session at the Hustler Casino's $5/$5 game before he went on to do the Hustler Casino Live! commentary. Hands: 1. 5-5-$10 NL $1k effective +1 t $35 Hero in MP1 Qd Jd 3! to $115, call. Pot: $230 FLOP: 9d 5h 4c . x /$100 call. $430 TURN: 6h x/x RIVER: 3s x and should I bet? 2. 5-5 NL at Hus…
Bart discusses the type of range you should play when facing a single raise and considering defending when headsup from the big blind. This is one of the most common situations in Nl Hold'em.द्वारा Bart Hanson
Bart discusses image in live restricted buy-in No Limit cash games and discusses why image is much more of a function of winning or losing in the short term vs looseness or tightness.द्वारा Bart Hanson
Bart discusses the birth of his first child, challenges with healthcare in the individual marketplace and discusses techniques on how not to get robbed travel to and from cardrooms. Link to Youtube video on Individual Health Insurance for poker players here:द्वारा Bart Hanson
This week Bart takes a look at some special situations where block betting the river from up front may be the correct play and breaks down a super thin value bet he recently made demonstrating the importance of proper flush hand reading on 4 flush runouts. Hand 1 Bart's Qh 9d Hand at 1:48:00 of Lodge Live stream from Nov 27th…
This week Bart talks about the rules of claiming money in poker and also answers a question about proper tipping and how it can effect your winrate. Video on Poker taxes: Poker Taxationद्वारा Bart Hanson
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