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Controversial Japan

Controversial Japan

Human Burrito Productions

Japan is a prime example of collectivist culture while western countries put emphasis on the individual - such polar opposite mindsets. Misunderstandings and confusions are bound to happen when these two perspectives collide. Every episode we unpack one controversial opinion about the Japanese mindset, culture, and custom through stories and interviews. Join host Kaho Koda as she dives into her own culture and attempts to make sense of the disconnect between the Japanese and Western point of ...
Welcome to Controversial Figures; a podcast about intriguing figures in the media. Created by Tammy Hawkins. If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a 5 star rating and comment; and subscribe to the show so you never miss a new episode. I've created this podcast with no sponsor; it would mean the world to me if you visit Patreon and donate anything you can, so I can continue bringing new content regularly.
Here you can listen to our weekly show "Who Do You Think You Are?" as the husband and wife team Byron and Susan Dyess along with Jeff Duke take on some of the most controversial cultured topics and navigate you through the shark infested waters so that you can reach your destination unscathed.
Pope Francis is celebrating five years as head of the Catholic Church on 2018. To mark this anniversary, two leading Catholics, a journalist and a theologian, voiced their conflicting opinions on the legacy of Pope Francis controversial pontificate. Ross Douthat is a New York Times Columnist and author of To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism. Him and Dr. Massimo Faggioli, professor of Theology at Villanova University, and contributor of the Commonweal Magazine, de ...
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Every wonder why you don't ever look like the influencers or the magazine guys, even though they claim to be natural and sell you programs on how to look like them? Ever wonder why you always fail on diets or someone else's diet?द्वारा Brett Lechnar
There is bigger things to worry about than this situation. All this decision did was take the government out and let states decide for themselves and made people a little more responsible which is what they should have been. And it's the last part that has everyone in a frenzy. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions.…
Everything is being exposed now. All societal norms are being exposed for their agenda's. The real truth is being shown to you now and all the messed up norms that were agenda posed are coming to massive failure. This episode might not be comfortable to all.द्वारा Brett Lechnar
I know rejections suck. They hurt, they're painful, and can be a confidence wrecker. And while I'm no fan of rejection, I know that the better you can bounce back from rejection and learn and be desensitized to it the more meaningful you will be in life. If you're goals are to get better at anything, tons of rejections are coming your way. How will…
IMO the only sexualities that should exists are: straight, bi, gay, aseuxal, and pan (attracted to only personality) , rest is bs FOR BONUS WEEKLY EPISODES FOR EVERYTHING ELSEद्वारा mostcontroversial
Do you need credentials now? Tons of people with credentials have no idea what they are talking about. If you know you have solid things to say and they are from a genuine place of sincerity and it's informative, share. Don't worry if you have credentials or a degree.द्वारा Brett Lechnar
The workforce is under new rules now. The game has changed. The question is no longer how do we get people to apply. It's now, what are our companies competitive advantages that will make people want to work for you.द्वारा Brett Lechnar
When we discover the technology to shrink things into microscopic size,some microscopic human could be killed/rарed/abused by Lil bugs. for the Discordद्वारा mostcontroversial
Sridhar guides us through Quora and rappers its users think are autistic. normally I make the title something we read but I was very pleased with myself for thinking of that. follow Sridhar if you don't already @RadishHarmersद्वारा mostcontroversial
By far the most controversial topic I've talked about thus far, but we're called controversial sports for a reason! In this episode, I provide a few claims backed up with stats on why I think Tom Brady is overrated as a postseason performer. I still think he's the GOAT, but some of his pure luck is hard to look past. Follow us on IG! @controversial…
Big thanks to our first guest James for joining us today! In today’s episode, we trade first round predictions for the start of the NBA playoffs. If you like what you heard, give us a follow on Instagram! @controversialsports.ig We will be rolling out more content there! #NBA #Basketball #NBAPlayoffs…
Subscribe to the Patreon I'm on Spring Break so I haven't had time to edit episodes. Ideally there's gonna be an extra patreon episode in Aprilद्वारा mostcontroversial
Today, we will be revisiting the 2017 NBA draft. We’re about 5 seasons in, and I think we’ve seen enough to go back and revaluate the talent. If you like what you heard, feel free to share it with a buddy! Any support goes a long way, and means a lot to me. Grateful for you taking the time to listen to what I had to say. Check out our Instagram! @c…
re: Your Favourite Way to Kill Someone You sick bastard.If I had to kill someone, I suppose I'd want to de-tit them. I'd love to have Miley Cyrus de-titted after hearing that Nirvana cover.द्वारा mostcontroversial
In this bonus episode, we explore Japanese customer service at a restaurant. First, Internationals explain their frustrating experience ordering meals. And later we hear from a Japanese individual who experienced customer service abroad. We're on Patreon:द्वारा Human Burrito Productions
Patrick joins me to discuss inventions and Sex Positive Trotskyism. This wasn't announced when we recorded so it didn't get plugged but buy tickets to the PAL live show. I'll be there as an added bonus, not on stage or anything, just drinking vanilla coke out of a camelbak by myself as I watch the show…
i put scatmans world in the intro to this one and the audio is probably worse because Riley was unable to edit this one. I hope this is a valuable lesson for the listeners about how important Riley isद्वारा mostcontroversial
My window broke so I did this episode in a 40F° room. check out Becca at Heres the link to the thread I mentioned with the actual comics in orderद्वारा mostcontroversial
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