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Jamie Schmale started his career covering news, municipal politics, and sports on FM Radio. Now, after entering politics he takes his seat behind the mic as host of Canada’s Conservative Podcast. Sit down with us and our host as we unpack Canada’s hottest topics, current events and discuss policy on the Blueprint.
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This week on the Blueprint your host MP Jamie Schmale and MP Larry Brock are answering the questions you have! Join the live and send your questions in the comments there to get the answers you have been looking for.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
MP Barrett joins the Blueprint following the emergency meeting to discuss the latest Liberal scandal. Millions more spent on consultants while public service has grown exponentially. Tune in to learn more about what is really going on in this Liberal Government.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
This week MP Stephanie Kusie joins us to discuss the contracts that were given to Liberal friends and ended up being tens of millions more than we were initially told.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
Everything is broken. From backlogs in passport processing, the highest level of taxes in Canadian history, 60 thousand immigration files that had been left to non existent staff or the ethics violations, it is time to bring accountability to Ottawa and fix the very broken system. Thank you to our guest Chris Warkentin MP for joining us on the late…
Liberals don’t want hunting? In the largest hunting rifle ban in Canadian history the Liberals plan to criminalize firearms including airsoft guns and traditional waterfowl shotguns. MPs Glen Motz and Larry Brock join The Blueprint as Conservative voices defending your rights in Ottawa.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
In 2021 the Liberals failed to save Canada from foreign interference in our election. Join your Blueprint host MP Schmale as he talks to Shadow Minister Michael Chong about this serious safety concern and moving forward with a Conservative plan.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
MP Laila Goodridge joins the Blueprint to speak about the health shortages on child medications and the help that is on the way. Bringing hope to concerned parents searching for children’s medications.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
Remembering all of the veterans who have served in Canada’s armed forces with MP James Bezan in a conversation on the status of our military today! To everyone who is currently serving or has served in our military our deepest thank you.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
Bill C-11 is the Liberals plan to rush through the first update to the Broadcasting Act in 31 years. Join me as I talk to Senator Housakos and how the Liberals want to control the internet.द्वारा Conservative Party of Canada
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