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Ever wonder what it's like to fly directly into a thunderstorm? Fly along with someone who's been there. By Steve Weaver Got a Never Again to share with your fellow pilots? Email and we may publish it in AOPA Pilot magazine and record it for our podcast.द्वारा AOPA
It's National Aviation Day - where can you fly to celebrate? The NTSB issues reports on the Red Bull plane swap accident and and the co-pilot who jumped out of his aircraft. What's it like to fly the BlackFly? American Airlines is going to go boom.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Unleaded avgas. How far away? Congress wants to know. A look at what pilots want in weather services. The NTSB prelim is out on the Las Vegas mid-air collision. A new engine for the Carbon Cub. Get ready for Reno racing.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
One last look at AirVenture 2022, including the night airshow from the best seat in the house. A final word from "Senator Aviation," James Inhofe of Oklahoma. Build your own AWOS to tell you the weather at your strip. Volkswagen makes an eVTOL.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Vans revels the RV-15 at AirVenture 2022 in Oshkosh. An update on unleaded avgas. The winner of the AOPA Sweepstakes Tiger gets the keys and sits in his new airplane for the first time. A one-pound autopilot.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Find out who won the AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger. Come along for a flight in the new AOPA Sweepstakes Cessna 170. Textron gives the AOPA High School Aviation STEM Curriculum a major boost, and we look forward to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Vans Aircraft gives us a sneak peek at its latest design. Mark Baker tells Congress AOPA has a program to help solve the aviation worker shortage. Tips on how to safely fly to Oshkosh. We watch as a restored DC-3 takes her first flight.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
New AOPA app to makes flight training more effective and efficient. Dealing with busy Class B airspace, and finding the perfect cheese steak. We flythe Super Patriot. The Ray Fagen Memorial Airshow is something you should put on your bucket list.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
A Coast Guard air crew member witnesses first hand the necessity of approaching backcountry flights with rescue and survivability in mind. (By Thomas W. Gross) Got a Never Again of your own to share? Email and we may publish yours in AOPA Pilot magazine.द्वारा AOPA
A new requirement that might keep many Americans from flying in Canada. Update on STOL accident in Nebraska. We fly the Diamond DA50 RG . We talk to the new owner of Enstrom Helicopters. And a preview of a new documentary on one very storied DC3.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
We have an early analysis of the Nebraska STOL accident. AOPA works with FAA to solve aircraft registration issues, and urges the Bahamas not to implement a broken customs clearance program for general aviation aircraft.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
In this episode, sure you can avoid thunderstorms, but can you avoid the turbulence associated with them? Strap in tight--and I mean real tight. By Christopher Lyon. Got a Never Again you'd like to share? Send it to ande we may choose your story to appear in the magazine and on this podcast.…
Join us at Sun 'n Fun 2022. See the finished AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger. Check out a new backcountry airplane design, and meet a 23-year-old who uses TikTok to show what it's like to own an airplane.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Tom Haines is retiring and we surprise him with a special edition, hosted by his daughters, with a special message from Harrison Ford. Help us celebrate his 34 year AOPA career. Watch him see this for the first time!द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
The Hoover Trophy is presented to Wally Funk, how the AOPA Medical Certification department can help you after a bad break. An appetizer for the airshow season. A chat with a man who has fallen farther than just about any other human being.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
From Reagan National Airport, the 6th Annual AOPA R.A. "Bob" Hoover Trophy awards. Honors for people who have made a significant contribution to general aviation, including Wally Funk, Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Washington), and Glenn Gonzales.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
See two friends solo eight airplanes back-to-back on their 16th birthdays. Join us for a visit to the bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio, where the Wright brothers designed the first airplane. Textron buys Pipistrel, and the latest on unleaded avgas.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
When was the last time you asked for a DF steer? It's time we asked for one. (By Steve Samuelson) Have you had a flying experience that made you say "Never again!"? Send us an email and we may publish it in AOPA Pilot and feature it in this podcast. (द्वारा AOPA
See what it's like to get a checkout in the AOPA Sweepstakes Grumman Tiger. The latest on the fight to save East Hampton Airport. Plus, a flying tour of the Big Bend region in Texas, and we review the new Garmin D2 Air X10 aviator smart watch.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
The best flight schools and instructors are unveiled at Redbird Migration. We visit a professional photographer and pilot who has good reasons to love New Orleans, and we show you how to aim for consistent landings.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Zara Rutherford sets several world records. Learning to fly a gyroplane in Costa Rica. Tamarack active winglets help the military. Remembering airshow pilot "Jacquie B". Rutan Brothers get honor in Mojave.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
What's up with 5G? A chat with Martha Lunken. Where are your airplane parts? AOPA gets an Extra 300; what will we do with it? A REAL flying saucer! And we remember Tuskegee Airman Brigadier General Charles McGee.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Flying the world's newest piston twin, the Tecnam P2012 Traveller. Learn more about the pilot involved in the train vs. plane crash. Taking a 172 into one of the busiest airports in the country. AOPA's latest fuel reporting.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
You know his work, and likely his name. We know him as a beloved colleague. After more than three decades, Mike Fizer is moving on from his Senior Photographer role at AOPA. We look back on his career and hear the inside stories behind his work.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Hop in a Husky for some beautiful flying in Montana. Hear the story about a successful emergency landing after an engine failure in Hawaii. Officials in California are stopping the sale of 100LL at two airports, find out what AOPA is doing to help.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Two classic flying boats go head-to-head for bragging rights, a Cessna Skylane sporting more glass instruments than we've ever seen in a piston single and flying supplies to the Navajo Nation.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Professional pilot training programs report an upswing as air travel demand rebounds, and an estate auction puts nearly two dozen aircraft— and other "barn finds"— on the block. Plus, the voices of the Super Sabre, we're thankful for their service.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Dario Costa takes us behind the scenes of his 44-second pass through two Turkish highway tunnels in a Zivko Edge 540, we mark Veterans Day with our own salute, and Garmin collects its Collier Trophy.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Come with us to the High Sierra Fly-In at Dead Cow lakebed, full of beauty, friends, and lots of playa dust. Join Arizona pilots on a vital blood delivery flight. Take a look at the future of urban air mobility and a more affordable way to fly.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Honda Aircraft's big reveal was the talk of the town at NBAA. We visit with Bill Anton and his impressive backcountry Bearhawk. Captain Kirk AKA William Shatner blasts off to the edge of space. We take a look at the Cessna 340 crash in California.द्वारा Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
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