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Crima Facie

Crima Facie

Hindustan Times - HT Smartcast

Crima Facie is hosted by Hindustan Times' crime reporter, Shiv Sunny (@shivsunny on Twitter) who will share thoroughly researched crime stories every week. Some stories will evoke shock while others might evoke amusement. But all the stories will offer a sneak peek into the criminal mindset and their circumstances. This is a Hindustan Times production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.
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Have you ever heard a story where the kidnapping took place in a police station and a police officer asked for ransom? Well, in this episode of Crima Facie, crime reporter Shiv Sunny unravels a story where too many unexpected incidents took place. Tune in now!द्वारा HT Smartcast
In the times of corona where masks have become a part of our lifestyle, this burglar took advantage of the masks and PPE kits made away with jewelry worth 20 crores. Listen to this Shiv Sunny story to learn how this burglar ends up doing it.द्वारा HT Smartcast
In the pandemic where people are fighting for air and our medical infrastructure is falling apart, this businessman started black marketing of oxygen concentrators was it just a business idea or was he trying to help people in need. Hear this episode to know what's the truth.द्वारा HT Smartcast
Even a pandemic is not bad enough to deter cheats and fraudsters. But are you prepared to tackle these human enemies? Hear this episode to know how to avoid getting duped while seeking oxygen and medicines and how to proceed if you still get cheated.द्वारा HT Smartcast
A 12-year-old Delhi girl is kidnapped while out to buy chips. Her torture and abuse at the hands of sex traffickers end after two months when her case file accidentally lands in the lap of a police team searching for missing kids.द्वारा HT Smartcast
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