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The editors of Ministry interviewed David Trim, PhD, the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research director and the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists (ESDA) editor, and Dragoslava Santrac, PhD, the ESDA managing editor.द्वारा Ministry, International Journal for Pastors
The importance of pastoral participation in schools. A four-step process for helping pastors partner with teachers in making Christian schools thriving centers of discipleship and outreach to the community.द्वारा Scott R. Ward
It is the church’s responsibility not only to call sinners to Christ but also to disciple them as new Christians in the faith. Here is a detailed plan on how to mentor and disciple new believers.द्वारा Ron E. M. Clouzet
Giving up self to follow Christ: The dangers of self-confidence, a personal story of how a father displayed self-sacrificing faith in Jesus, why the ultimate requirement is surrendering, looking to the disciples of Jesus as examples of how to surrender to His will.द्वारा Pavel Goia
Is there a place for 'forceful invaders' in the Kingdom? What does it look like to be a forceful invader of God's kingdom? What biblical examples are there of people forcefully invading the kingdom of God?द्वारा Ministry, International Journal for Pastors
Overcoming the challenges of end of life care. How can the church support families suffering the loss of loved ones? Why is spiritual support at the end of life important for patients and families?द्वारा Lori Ciccarelli Stotko
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