Dermot & Dave's Best Of Podcast-23/09

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Missed some of your favourite bits during the week? Want to catch up on the craic from Dermot and Dave? Well look no further than the Dermot and Dave Best Of podcast, your home for all of the messing with none of the music! Whether you’re on a drive, out on a walk, getting stuck into the gaff or garden or looking for a bit of distraction from work, the Dermot and Dave Best of podcast has just some of our favourite moments from the week gone by! Reunited and it feels so gooood! Dermot and Dave are finally back together and to celebrate, we went deep into conspiracy theories about where our Limerick host was. Spoiler: it’s not that exciting. But we did find out something new about Dermot, there’s one song he really really doesn’t like. Speaking of not liking things, we heard all about the worst presents ever given in Ireland after Isabel in Kildare got a bin from husband ‘Practical Paul’. And the bin? Only the latest in a long line of interesting gifts. We met the Mayo man who got a shout out from Garth Brooks, heard about the most famous TV shows we’ve never watched and found out something shocking about our Cathal.

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