#35 - Mark Andrews Producing Super Giant Robot Bros in record time ~ Directing Animation Livecast

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Originally Streamed on YouTube Live August 19, 2022. Audio Edited by Kiara Horowitz.

Oscar-winning Pixar Co-director Mark Andrews directed cutting-edge production using Unreal Engine and Motion Capture. More info coming soon.

Interviewer Scott Wiser is a Director at Spacestation Animation and the creator of 10 deeply meaningful feature film pitches. Any producers or executives interested in collaborating or funding on Scott Wiser's projects can peruse these pitches through the application at https://scottwiser.com/collaborate

After 18 years at Pixar, Mark Andrews directed 5 hours of content in a little less than two years and called it "Super Giant Robot Bros" - now on Netflix! His other credits include Brave, Primal, Iron Giant, Incredibles, etc.

Follow Mark Andrews at: https://www.instagram.com/mandrookz/

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