Episode 4: The Spanish Armada and the Last Crusade

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Follow along and get more info: https://historicaltimelines.blogspot.com/2020/05/the-spanish-armada-and-last-crusade.html

Lets address the "Last Crusade" part. You wont see this listed in a normal list of crusades, BUT it was a crusade because Queen Elizabeth I was excommunicated(Sixtus even renewed it just in case) and King Philip II was given the rights to issue crusade taxes and pope Sixtus v was offering a million crowns if Philip II landed the invasion force on England.
The Spanish Armada is a period in history that is taught in most schools, but with very little explanation other than a shifting of sea power from Spain to England. If we look at the lead up to it and the impetus behind it we will see that there was a more sinister force and motive for its creation.

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