Ep. 92 - Gossip and Drama

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Episode 92 (5/11/22)
Josh and Lara discuss rumors spreading on social media about Out of Meet Testing. Geno rumors of leaving USA Powerlifting / USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals Instagram Account

National Governing Board meeting for USA Powerlifting will be after Nationals in Las Vegas. Deadlines for nominations for Athletes Rep/ Honorary Awards and EC Positions is Friday, May 13th. Everyone is encouraged to attend and take part.

New Lifter Tip
You learn a lot more by asking about what you don't know vs pretending to know what you don't. If you really want to get better at powerlifting, be a sponge for information and knowledge. It's out there and often it's free. Agree or Disagree?
Team Rohr Weekend on May 20-22. We'll be recording our weeks' podcast during the event.
Next episode will feature Richard Seymour, former Team Rohr athlete, former Georgia Bulldog defensive tackle and 3x Super Bowl Champion.

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