Productivity Workflows and Strategies of A Consultant in the Non-Profit Sector w/ Alice Ferris (TPS399)

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Today I’m joined by Alice Ferris, the founding partner of Goal Busters Consulting where she helps small to medium size organizations in the non-profit sector with fundraising.

She has more than 30 years of professional fundraising experience.

Fun Fact: Alice is the 90th fundraising professional in the world to earn the Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive (ACFRE) credential.

Alice is recognized for her on-air presence on many public television and radio pledge drives, and fundraising national PBS pledge programs, among them Ken Burns: America’s Storyteller, Downton Abbey, The Civil War, and Financial Solutions for You with Suze Orman, among many others.

She’s also an Asian Efficiency client, who is part of the Productivity Academy and has joined many of our other programs.

Welcome, Alice!

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  • Top 3 Productivity Resources [2:31]
  • What got Alice started with AE? How about productivity in general? [5:26]
  • How much time does Alice spend on e-mail every single day? [9:28]
  • What tips or strategies can Alice offer to AE listeners about e-mail optimization? [12:52]
  • What does a typical day look like for Alice? [18:08]
  • How does Alice use her calendars? [22:37]
  • How has Alice’s experience been having an executive assistant? [26:44]
  • What aspects of AE does Alice mention in her Zoom meetings? [41:46]
  • How did Alice come up with her comprehensive “Food & Travel” list? Any other travel tips from Alice? [48:23]


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