Strengthen Your Mind, Body and Soul with Dr. Michele Kambolis

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Today I have the pleasure of speaking with therapist, mind-body health specialist, and author of When Women Rise, Dr. Michele Kambolis to discuss everyday practices to strengthen your mind, body, and soul. Dr. Michele Kambolis is Clinical Director of the Harbourside Counseling Centre in Vancouver. She is a mind-body health specialist, meditation teacher, registered therapist, and acclaimed author and speaker. Michele is an unshakable believer in our innate capacity to self-heal and thrive.

Her new book, When Women Rise, is a timely, transformative, and inspiring guide for women who want to bring more joy, power, and peace into their lives

Points Covered ...

Feeling fried right now? Learn how you can start to comfort your nervous system. An example of Voo chanting to calm your Vagus nerve naturally.

How you can empower yourself during this wild ride on planet Earth. A 5-minute Return to Calm guided meditation. Michele's recommendation for more peace and joy.

Get a copy of When Women Rise at or wherever books are sold.

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