Blind Faith and Self Belief

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Pujya Bhole Babaji, a rare Aghori mystic, over a period of time shared with us his insights and perspectives on Sai Baba's life and teachings. In this film, Babaji has discussed the various aspects of faith, including blind faith, belief, self-belief and self-confidence and how these attitudes influence our actions. He goes on to cite examples of self-belief in the greatest of leaders such as Napoleon, Alexander the Great and Hannibal, who motivated themselves and others to achieve victory. Bhole Baba narrates a few incidents of his own self-confidence, which resulted in incredible outcomes; he also shares his unique perspectives on achieving enlightenment, discusses undocumented mythology, relates an incredible story reflecting the virtuous character of Ma Kaikeyi. Finally Babaji talks about Sairam and His asceticism, and stresses that an Incarnation is an essence, and not the Form, and what we must do if we wish to experience God beyond the concept.

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